Top 15 EV Charging Networks in the US

The largest charging networks in the US are ChargePoint, Tesla and Blink. Volta, EVgo, Electrify America and Shell Recharge are other big companies that provide charging servi...

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5 gün önce
Driven by next-generation EV propulsion technology, the GMC HUMMER EV will be the first fully electric addition to GMC’s lineup and will bring GM another step closer to an all-electric future.

Ultium-Based Battery Pack Prototype to be Developed by GM Defense for the US Army

The GM division has been chosen to create a battery pack prototype for testing and evaluation on platforms used by the Defense Department.

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2 ay önce

Potential Motors Tries To Develop An Innovative Off-Road E-RV.

The Canadian company’s first electric car utilizes its expertise in off-road driving.

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3 ay önce

EVgo will buy 1,000 fast chargers from Delta Electronics

Under the new agreement, Delta will provide EVgo with 1,000 ultra-fast chargers with up to 350kW power output.

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4 ay önce

How Many Tesla Cars Have Been Sold? | Model 3/Y Sales By Year

Tesla has sold approximately 3,233,623 electric cars as of October 2022. This figure is based on Tesla’s sales information, including 2,500 Roadsters ever built and sold...

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4 ay önce

GM Declares a New DC Fast Charging Network In United States

Around 2000 charging stations will be part of the network, and each one will be capable of delivering 350 kW.

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5 ay önce

11 Remarkable Chinese EV Companies | Promising Chinese Electric Car Brands

Among the best Chinese EV brands are companies such as XPENG, NIO, Leapmotor, BYD, Volvo, Skywell.

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7 ay önce

GM Poised Regaining The European Market With EVs

GM wishes to return to the European market after a 5-year absence

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7 ay önce

Volkswagen Is Working Up An Electric Truck

There’s an opportunity for Volkswagen to introduce its own battery-powered contender, Keogh said. The brand already sells a gas pickup outside of the US.

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7 ay önce

Fisker to launch four new EVs until 2025

Fisker is set to release its first electric vehicle later this year and will add four more electric vehicles to its line-up by 2025.

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8 ay önce

Stellantis, LG Energy Solution to invest $4.1 billion in Canadian battery plant

Stellantis will invest $4.1 billion in a new battery factory in Canada with South Korea’s LG Energy Solution, formerly known as LG Chem.

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8 ay önce

How Many Gigafactories Does Tesla Have? Tesla Factory Locations

As of 2022, Tesla has seven factories located all over the world. Fremont Factory is the first manufacturing site for the Texas-based EV maker.

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10 ay önce

Amazon-backed EV startup Rivian reached $99 billion valuation

After months of speculations, Rivian finally made its debut on the stock market. Electric vehicle startup’s stock began trading at $106, almost %40 higher than its expec...

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