Dual-Port Charging System From Ford

A single charger can support several ev connections thanks to Ford’s improved charging system

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Which Electric Vehicles are Eligible for Tax Credit in US? | 2023 List

With the Inflation Reduction Act, the 200,000 sales cap on tax credit is gone, and EVs from Tesla and General Motors are once again eligible for the tax credit.

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2 ay önce

New York City Buys 925 EVs for Cleaning

The New York City Council announced it will spend $10.1 million to purchase 925 electric vehicles, from electric garbage trucks to street sweepers, and construct 315 new EV ch...

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RAM 1500 Electric Pickup Unveiled At CES 2023

As early as 2024, the long-awaited Ram 1500 Revolution battery-electric car will go into production.

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Where Are Tesla Cars Made? Which Tesla Factory Produce Which Models?

Tesla has four different EV-producing Gigafactories all over the world. In this article, we listed every location where Tesla cars being made.

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6 ay önce

Geely Releasing New Electric Pickup Truck Models

Geely introduces Radar Auto, a new brand for outdoor enthusiasts that will make electric trucks, SUVs, and ATVs.

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8 ay önce

Fully Electric RVs Are On The Way With More Challenges

With the Rivian R1T and R1S, and the Ford F-150 Lightning, an endless stream of electric trucks and SUVs has already been underway, prompting consumers to think of emission-fr...

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10 ay önce

Volkswagen Is Working Up An Electric Truck

There’s an opportunity for Volkswagen to introduce its own battery-powered contender, Keogh said. The brand already sells a gas pickup outside of the US.

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5 Stunning Features You Should Know About Chevrolet Silverado EV

The Silverado EV isn’t Chevy’s first attempt at an electric pickup truck, but it’s unquestionably the best.

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Remote Parking Feature Coming to Ford F-150 Lightning

The app for the Ford F-150 Lightning has been revealed. A tool similar to Tesla Summon that enable iPhone users to regulate parking remotely.

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