Remote Parking Feature Coming to Ford F-150 Lightning

The app for the Ford F-150 Lightning has been revealed. A tool similar to Tesla Summon that enable iPhone users to regulate parking remotely.

Sadrettin Akpınar

March 18, 2022 10:07 AM
Last Update: March 18, 2022 10:11 AM

For 44 years, the Ford F-series has been America’s best-selling truck. This series’ first electric model, The Lightning is equipped with a number of integrated, intelligent features, as well as Ford Power-Up software updates to ensure that the truck keeps evolving over time.

According to the latest developments for Ford F series, Ford App comes to perfection, the F-150 Lightning will be able to park itself utilizing smartphone app via remote control. The FordPass Connect App was last updated in early 2022, and some new footage inside show a remote parking option is in the application. Number of these photos have the term “freeDrive” on them, but it’s shrouded in mystery whether this is the name of the feature or just the visuals for the F-150 Lightning. The graphics can be found throughout the program and appear to show that an iPhone user can “steer” their automobile forward as well as backward into a parking space.

It’s unclear whether this feature will be added to other automobiles. A Ford corporate representative said the company does not comment on rumors. The function looks to be protected by an iPod-like circular unlock, so you don’t unintentionally “pocket drive” your F-150 Lightning toward traffic.

As a matter of fact, the Ford F-150 Lightning is enormous, and it will need assistance parking in cramped spots that were made for cars produced. The issue would then become what do the folks who are parked next to the Ford F-150, which is crammed in next to them, do to get into their vehicle? Perhaps Ford should add a couple additional layers of paint to the sides of its vehicles to prepare for all the dings that will inevitably occur.


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