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Hydrogen BMW IX5 Test Fleet Officially on Roads!

Hydrogen BMW IX5 test fleet is officially available!

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2 gün önce

Toyota Launched Its New Electric Light Commercial Vehicles!

Toyota launched its new electric light commercial vehicles for sale!

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7 gün önce

Toyota Invests 1.3 Billion Dollar in Electric SUV Peoduction!

Toyota invests 1.3 billion dollars in electric SUV production!

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13 gün önce

Toyota’s False Test Results Scandal Expands!

Toyota’s ‘false test result’ scandal is expanding!

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21 gün önce

Electric Sedan 2024 Toyota bZ3 is on Sale!

⚡Electric sedan 2024 Toyota bZ3 with a range of 616 km is on sale!

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22 gün önce

Toyota Chairman Believes Electric Vehicles Will Not Exceed 30% Market Share!

Toyota Chairman of the Board argued that electric vehicles will never dominate the market and the market share will not exceed 30%!”

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bir ay önce

Mercedes | There May Be No Need for Solid State Batteries!

Home truth words from Mercedes about solid state battery technology supported by Toyota!

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bir ay önce
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The $3 Billion EV Battery Cathode Facility Being Built by LG Chem

The most recent information about LG Chem’s $3 billion battery cathode facility that is being built in Tennessee for electric cars.

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2 ay önce

What Is Happening In The Solid State Battery That Will Change The Electric Vehicle Industry?

A very small portion of the total global battery investment of $860 billion has been allocated to solid-state battery technology as of the end of 2022.

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3 ay önce
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Tesla Sets The New Standard In Car Production

Tesla is setting the new industry standard in electric vehicle production thanks to its one-piece chassis and ‘unboxed’ approach.

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3 ay önce

Electric and Autonomous Taxi By Toyota

It is stated that the electric robotaxi can travel on the route anywhere in the world as Level 4. That is completely driverless.

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3 ay önce
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Toyota Abandons Hydrogen Car

Toyota’s top technology executive Hiroki Nakajima, has acknowledged the failure of the hydrogen fuel cell car.

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4 ay önce

Hydrogen Bus With A Range Of 1,000 Km To Come From Temsa And Toyota

Considering that hydrogen is needed to produce long-range electric models in the passenger bus category, Temsa also wants to make progress on the autonomous driving.

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5 ay önce
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New Toyota C-HR Introduced

It will be possible to order parallel hybrid and plug-in hybrid options as of the end of the year with 1.8 and 2.0-liter engine options.

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7 ay önce

Toyota To Move A Monolithic Chassis Design Like Tesla

The solid chassis will gradually halve the production cost and reduce the factory investment volume. It will be used for the first time in the electric Lexus, which will go on...

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8 ay önce

1,448 KM Range Electric Vehicle To Come From Toyota

Toyota has announced that it will launch five new batteries by 2030, increasing annual sales of electric vehicles to 3.5 million.

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8 ay önce
aston martin bev

Aston Martin’s First EV To Arrive in 2026

On June 27, the British automaker will go over its five-year goals in full.

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8 ay önce

Toyota And Exxon Developing A Synthetic Fuel That Can Reduce ICE Emissions By Up To 75%

Toyota and Exxon state that their synthetic gasoline can reduce ICE emissions by 75%, but it will need government assistance to reach customers.

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10 ay önce

Germany To Test Wireless EV Charging On The Go

In the German city of Balingen, a 0.6 mile/1 km part of the charging road surface will be built.

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bir yıl önce
Toyota Prius Prime 8

The Toyota Prius Prime PHEV in 2023 Has Much More Power and Range

Toyota’s 2023 Prius Prime PHEV seeks to increase electric mileage by 50%.

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bir yıl önce

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