Toyota Chairman Believes Electric Vehicles Will Not Exceed 30% Market Share!

Toyota Chairman of the Board argued that electric vehicles will never dominate the market and the market share will not exceed 30%!”

Sadrettin Akpınar

January 24, 2024 11:01 AM
Last Update: January 25, 2024 11:07 AM

⚡ Former Toyota CEO and Chairman Akio Toyoda, known for his opposition to fully electric vehicles, stated that electric vehicles will remain at 30% market share in the future, and 70% will consist of hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen-burning internal combustion vehicles.

🟢Japanese giant’s  all-electric vehicles plan is fully depended on the development of solid state batteries and only 1% of the vehicles sold by the Toyota in 2023 were fully electric. On the other hand, the share of electric vehicles in China, the world’s largest automobile market, has already reached almost 25%.


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