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Huawei Introduces an Electric Sedan Rivaling the Mercedes S Class!

The fully electric Stelato S9 will be a competitor to the Mercedes S-Class.

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Huawei’s Car with a Single-Piece Chassis Receives a Top Safety Certification!

The vehicle has been awarded an A-level certification in ‘Super Crash’ category, which no other car in China has achieved before.

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An Electric Car that Charges in just 24 Minutes Even at -20 °C!

The electric SUV Exeed Sterra ET, developed jointly by Chinese Chery and Huawei promises impressive charging performance thanks to its new-generation LFP battery and 800V arc...

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Huawei’s Car with A Single-Piece Chassis Receives A Top Safety Certification!

Huawei’s car with a single-piece chassis receives a top safety certification!

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Reaches 600kW Speed at -30 Celcius!

Electric vehicle charging station that reaches 600 kW speed even at -30 degrees!

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Seeking For Parking Spaces In Shopping Malls is Over!

The trouble of looking for a parking space in the shopping mall is over!

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Huawei Signed Avatr 12 Is Officially On Sale

The first deliveries will start in December and the car will be launched in several major European markets, particularly Germany, in 2024.

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Electric Sedan With 800 Kilometre Range From Huawei and Chery

The all-electric sedan jointly developed by Chery and Huawei Luxeed S7 is officially open for pre-sale.

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Inexpensive Car with Chassis Integrated Battery | JAC EV 3

Despite its affordable price, the car with a heat pump is the first model to use Tesla-style 4680 large cells produced in China.

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15 Fastest-Charging Electric SUVs in the World

Fully-electric cars have been around for decades, but range is still a problem for the most. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to buy the fastest-charging electric ...

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9 Affordable Chinese EVs Available in Israel

Chinese EVs are getting highly popular in Israel. We put together a list of 9 affordable options for you to compare.

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39 Chinese Electric Car Brands | Top Chinese EV Manufacturers

Among the best Chinese electric car brands are companies such as XPENG, NIO, Leapmotor, BYD, Volvo, Skywell…

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Why Should I Get an Electric Car? | 10 Advantages of Owning an EV

The idea of owning an electric vehicle has become more and more popular with the increasing fuel prices. This article will discuss 10 advantages of owning an electric vehicle....

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