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Ford and LG Establish Turkey’s Largest Battery Cell Factory

Ford and Koç Holding signed an agreement with LG Energy Solution for the electric vehicle battery cell factory to be established in Ankara.

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New Generation Chips To Increase the Range of EVs by 20 %

The new generation chips developed for electric vehicle batteries will be able to increase the range by 20 percent by means of its high voltage / current estimation capability...

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Tesla’s Former Employee Starts His Own Electric Boat Company

Tesla’s former Chief of Production, John Vo, started a company to manufacture electric boats. Blue Innovations Group will showcase its body, drive system, and user inter...

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Kontrolmatik Establishes a Battery Factory in the USA with an Investment of 279 Million Dollars

After the first battery factory in Ankara, Kontrolmatik will open an LFP cell and battery factory in South Carolina, USA this time.

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12 Largest EV Battery Manufacturers in the World

The increasing use of EVs has boosted interest in the battery sector since the battery is the most costly component of EVs. In this article, we have compiled a list of “...

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2023 Tesla Model Y said to use CATL’s new energy-dense M3P Battery

Tesla will reportedly use CATL’s 15 percent more energy-dense battery packs inside the 2023 Tesla Model Y, according to Chinese news outlet Late Post.

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CATL Will Start Producing LFP Batteries With 15 Percent More Energy, Thanks To Manganese

The world’s biggest battery manufacturer CATL will start producing new LFP cells with 15 percent more energy density, thanks to manganese added to its chemistry.

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Lithium-ion Battery Cell Types, LFP, NMC Cells Explained

There are different kinds of lithium-ion battery cells used inside electric vehicle batteries. We summarized important details about LFP, NMC cathodes, and different cell shap...

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CATL Unveils 1,000 Km EV Battery Range on One Charge

CATL, a Chinese manufacturer of traction batteries for electric vehicles, has announced a new generation of batteries called Qilin.

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Is Nickel Nearing Its End As The Prominent EV Battery Cathode Material?

Gotion High-Tech expects to be able to begin large-scale production of an LFP battery with an energy output of 230 Wh/kg by the end of the year.

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