Diesel Volvo Production Ends in Early 2024

The current situation in Europe was also effective in Volvo’s decision to finalize diesel. In 2015, diesel sales accounted for more than 50% of the European automobile m...

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Fully Electric Volvo EX30 Small SUV

The entry-level SUV from Volvo resembles the EX90 flagship in terms of size, sportiness, and body type.

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Volvo Plans To Put Electric Minivan On Chinese Market

Volvo Cars has revealed plans to introduce its own version of the 009 electric vans from the Geely Group’s Zeekr brand in China towards the end of 2023.

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EX30 Subcompact Electric SUV Confirmed by Volvo for 2023

According to Volvo CEO Jim Rowan, a brand-new small electric SUV called the EX30 will make its debut in 2023.

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