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The Joint Brand of BYD and Mercedes, Denza Brings Forth An Electric Grand Tourer!

Designed by Mercedes, manufactured by BYD!

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mercedes cla electric

Electric Mercedes CLA’s Battery Is From Chinese BYD

BYD and Mercedes, which have been jointly developing electric vehicles under the Denza brand since 2010, have not carried out a project on the battery side until now, although...

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10 ay önce
Ekran Resmi 2023-08-26 15.04.03

Mercedes-BYD Electric Vehicle Denza To Come to Europe

The electric sedan Seal, which BYD will import to Europe under its own brand, will be exhibited at this expo in addition to the Denza N7, which sells for around $44,000 in Chi...

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Ekran Resmi 2023-06-30 02.04.36

Production of the Double Charging Socket Vehicle from Mercedes and BYD

The electric SUV, which has a starting price of approximately $50,000, offers a range of 702 km on a single engine and 630 km on a double engine.

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