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BMW Ended Gasoline/Diesel Engine Production In Germany

Approximately 1,200 workers working in the engine department of the factory will be trained and employed on vehicle assembly lines.

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Tesla Sets The New Standard In Car Production

Tesla is setting the new industry standard in electric vehicle production thanks to its one-piece chassis and ‘unboxed’ approach.

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13 Billion Dollar Electric Vehicle Battery Deal from BMW

BMW will pay 96 billion yuan (13 billion USD) for the supply of batteries for electric vehicles.

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600 Million Pounds Investment From BMW In Electric Mini Production

The electric Mini Cooper will start to be produced in the UK again in 2026 after investment. The new version is produced only in China.

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BMW’s New iDrive | Traditional Controller & Instruments Out Minimalism & Projections In

A 3D Head-Up Display is also available for “active driving” conditions, displaying 3D animations for turn-by-turn navigation.

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bmw-neue-klasse-ev-concept (2)

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept | Monolothic Design

The BMW Neue Klasse will start manufacturing in 2025 at BMW’s factory in Debrecen, Hungary, and the EV is scheduled to be on the road by 2026. When the entire production...

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2024 BMW i5 | 475 Kilometer-295 Mile Range

The i5, the first-ever all-electric version of BMW’s 5-Series premium sedan, was introduced on Wednesday. It will be on sale in showrooms as a 2024 model year.

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BMW Evs Could Become A Better Experience With Programmable Performance Traits

Drivers may even make the automobile mimic the characteristics of a gas-powered vehicle by customizing the throttle response and behavior when accelerating.

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2023 Hyundai Grandeur Also Known As Azera

This Hyundai sedan is the biggest and priciest one you can purchase, and it has similarly astounding features.

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Jeep Wagoneer EV And Recon Electric Off-Roader To Come

Dealers were presented to the Jeep Recon and Wagoneer EVs during Stellantis’ invite-only event in Las Vegas, among other vehicles.

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A 240-Mile Range MINI Cooper EV To Debuts in 2024

The Cooper 3-door hatchback, which will be entirely electric and arrive in 2024, was revealed by MINI. The EV and its ICE-powered counterpart will be on sale together. However...

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The 2023 BMW XM Plug-In Hybrid SUV has 644 Horsepower

BMW M is better known for its performance sedans, such as the M3 and M5. However, the performance division has recently gone in many new ways. Additionally, the new 2023 XM in...

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ceer foxon

Foxconn and The Saudi Wealth Fund Form an EV joint venture

Foxconn Technology Group and Saudi Arabia’s national wealth fund have joined together to launch the Ceer EV brand in 2025.

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12 Largest EV Battery Manufacturers in the World

The increasing use of EVs has boosted interest in the battery sector since the battery is the most costly component of EVs. In this article, we have compiled a list of “...

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18 Most Efficient Electric Cars, According to EPA | 2023 Ranking

EPA listed the most efficient electric cars sold in US. The most efficient EVs are Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 and Tesla’s Model 3.

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BMW i1 and i2 to Launch in 2027 And 2028, Respectively

Both EVs will be based on a Neue Klasse chassis with front-wheel drive.

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15 Fastest-Charging Electric SUVs in the World

Fully-electric cars have been around for decades, but range is still a problem for the most. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to buy the fastest-charging electric ...

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CATL announces €7.34 billion investment for a 100 GWh battery plant in Hungary

CATL, the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery cell manufacturer, will invest €7.34 billion into a huge battery plant in Hungary.

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Longest range Electric SUVs

9 Longest Range Electric SUVs Available in US | 2022 Ranking

We listed 9 longest range electric SUVs available in the United States. 2022 Tesla Model X offers by far the longest range figure, according to EPA.

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Solid Power to Start Production of Solid-State Batteries

Solid Power plans to produce and deliver its first solid-state batteries to BMW and Ford for testing in the prototype electric vehicles this year.

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