Ford Mustang Mach-E RWD Extended Range


Ford Mustang Mach-E RWD Extended Range



$ 52,000


98.8 kWh


610 km


294 HP


16.2 kWh / 100 km


%10-80: 43 minutes

Highlighted Features


    Power and Speed

    Engine Power

    294 HP (216 kW)


    430 Nm

    Max. Speed

    180 km/h

    0-100 km/s

    6.1 s

    Number of Engines

    Single Motor

    Driving System


    Engine Type

    Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

    Battery and Charge


    98.8 kWh


    610 km (378 miles)

    DC Charge Rate

    150 kW

    AC Charge Rate

    11 kW

    DC Charge Time

    43 minutes

    AC Charge Time

    9.5 hours

    Urban Consumption


    Suburban Consumption


    Avg. Consumption

    16.2 kWh/100km

    Average MPGe




    2085 kg


    4713 mm


    1881 mm


    1624 mm

    Luggage Volume

    402 litre

    Extra Features

    Vehicle Type

    Electric SUV

    Year of Production


    Autonomous Driving

    Ford BlueCruise

    Production Place

    Mexico, China



    About Ford Mustang Mach-E RWD Extended Range

    Ford Mustang Mach-E is a performance-oriented electric SUV that comes with both RWD and AWD drivetrain options. It is the first “Mustang” branded electric vehicle Ford manufactured and launched to the market. It offers up to 294 HP with the single motor, and 351 HP with the dual motor options. It’s not more powerful than Tesla Model Y or Jaguar I-Pace, but Ford made a faster version of the electric Mustang called Mach-E GT. With the GT version, highest power figures went up to 487 HP and 860 Nm of torque. It can reach 0 to 100 km/h of speed in 3.7 seconds.

    Ford offers the Mach-E with both 75.7 kWh and 98.8 kWh battery packs. According to WLTP test cycle, single motor big battery variant of the Mach-E can travel 610 kilometers when fully charged. Shortest range belongs to the Mach-E AWD Standard Range version, which is 400 km. 150 kW DC, charging only supported by the Extended Range and GT options. Mach-E models with the small battery can reach 115 kW charging rates when plugged into a DC rapid charger. Standard Range versions should get 80 percent charge in 38 minutes, whereas Extended Range and GT models can be charged from %0-%80 in 43 minutes.

    Mustang Mach-E is available in the US, starting price is around $43,000 without any incentives. Most expensive and also the sportiest Mach-E GT carries a $60,500 price tag.


    Firm suspension and quite raised driving position aside, Mustang Mach-E is a tremendous electric car to drive. It has five different performance options. Mach-E RWD Standard Range and AWD Standard Range versions have 269 HP, torque figures are 430 Nm and 580 Nm respectively.

    Dual motor AWD drivetrain with Extended Range battery offers 351 horsepower, 580 Nm torque and 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.8 seconds. Fastest electric Mustang version, the so-called Mach-E GT is also an AWD vehicle. Its two electric motors can produce 487 HP and 860 Nm torque. Grand Tour special can reach 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds. Its top speed electronically limited to 200 km per hour. Mach-E GT aside, top speed of the other Mach-E variants is 180 km/h.

    Design and Features

    Ford Mustang Mach-E has a sort of coupe-like roof line, giving it a sporty profile. Headlights and taillights are very similar to the ones on the newest Mustangs. But front side of the Mach-E does give away its electric secret because Ford designed a nose that almost completely closed for efficiency reasons. It looks smooth and gives the car a unique look. The vents low down can also be opened and closed automatically depending on whether the battery system needs cooling or not.

    Interestingly, no sign of any Ford logo on the exterior side, as Ford consistently points out that even though it has an electric drivetrain and battery power, Mach-E is a Mustang. They wanted to emphasize the true identity of the car by not including any blue oval emblem.

    Ford uses very sophisticated door handles in the Mach-E. Driver’s side includes a numpad for keyless entry and a small handle that helps pulling the door open. When the door first opened, a kickstand prevents the door from closing, in order to avoid injuring your fingers. Because there aren’t any normal looking door handles on the rest of the vehicle, there are only buttons and people tend to hold the edge of the door to pull it open. The reason of the door handle-less design is simply aerodynamics. Ford wanted to create one of the most aerodynamical vehicle on the market, achieving that will give the American car maker a chance against the highly popular electric SUV Tesla Model Y.

    Thanks to the long hood and the lack of big oily combustion engine, there is enough space for a 100 liters frunk on the front. Space in the back seats is also not bad either.

    Mustang Mach-E has a 15.5-inch portrait-oriented infotainment display, on top of the lower third of the vehicle there is also physical know for controlling volume. Ford chose a Bang & Olufsen sound system for the electric Mustang, sound experience is above average as some real-world tests claim.

    Mach-E’s Interior Quality Better Than VW ID.4

    Ford is beating the Volkswagen ID.4 with its interior quality. There is not much hard plastic, instead Blue Oval uses fabric texture on the dashboard and most of the areas around the driver and passengers are covered with soft materials that look cooler than hard plastic stuff.

    There is a really large wireless charging pad below the big display, you can easily put your smartphone there and never bother finding your USB cable and plugging your phone.

    Range and Charging

    Ford has Standard Range and Extended Range battery options available with the electric SUV. Standard Range option offers 75.7 kWh energy capacity, it is enough for a 440 km range with RWD, and 400 km with the dual motor Mach-E. These models only support 115 kW DC charging speeds, from 10 percent to 80 percent will take 38 minutes.

    With the 98.8 kWh bigger battery, RWD and AWD Extended Range models have 610 km and 540 km of range respectively. Mach-E GT, on the other hand, can travel 500 kilometers on a single charge with the same battery. Extended Range and GT versions of the Mach-E support 150 kW DC charging, 10 to 80 percent charge in 43 minutes.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Mustang Mach-E Has Autopilot?

    Ford does include Mach-E with a driver assistant technology very similar to the Autopilot called “BlueCruise” which offers hands-free driving. Mach-E’s all trims that come with the Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 hardware officially support this hands-free driving system. At the moment, hands-free driving with the BlueCruise is limited to certain highway roads. But Ford is planning on expanding its Autopilot tech to other areas in the near future.

    Where Is Mustang Mach-E Being Built?

    Ford has been building Mustang Mach-E crossover at the Cuautitlán Assembly Plant in Mexico. At the beginning of the 2021, Ford also started the production of the Mach-E in China, for local customers.