Where is Tesla Cybertruck Made? | Cybertruck Production Plant

The Cybertruck has been in pre-production at Giga Texas since late 2022. Tesla is getting ready to start Cybertruck’s mass-production in that facility. There are already a number of 9,000-ton Giga Press machines ready to be fired up.

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June 7, 2023 2:10 PM
Last Update: June 7, 2023 2:32 PM

Tesla Cybertruck is definitely the most anticipated vehicle in near history, as pre-order numbers show. Design-wise, the long-waited all-electric pickup truck is already finished. Tesla has put Cybertruck in pre-production in late 2022. It will be out before the end of this summer, Elon Musk confirmed multiple times. But where is this popular electric pickup being made? Let’s find out!

Cybertruck is being made in Texas, United States, where Tesla’s largest factory Giga Texas stands. Tesla first began tooling for the Cybertruck in October 2022. The pilot production line was up and running in early 2023. In the last couple of months, dozens of production line robots and iDRA’s 9,000-ton giga-casting machines were delivered to Tesla. According to the automaker and its CEO Elon Musk’s statements, Cybertruck mass-production is still on track to begin sometime this summer.

How Many Cybertruck Will Be Made?

According to Tesla, Giga Texas is the only production plant for the Cybertruck. During Tesla’s 2023 Annual Shareholder Meeting, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla will produce anywhere between 250,000 to 500,000 Cybertrucks annually. Giga Texas will probably provide half of the planned Cybertruck production capacity. The other half ought to be reserved for another facility. But there are no plans for existing Tesla gigafactories to be involved in the electric pickup truck’s production. 

Tesla’s recent announcement confirms that Giga Texas currently produces 5,000 Model Ys in a single week, which translates to an annual production of 250,000 vehicles. When the Cybertruck production starts on its separate production line, the factory’s output will get closer to its initial goal of 500K. 

Cybertruck Production Line, 9,000-ton Giga Press

Tesla uses the world’s largest aluminum casting machines in the world. Italy-based iDRA designed and built 9,000-ton casting tools specifically for Tesla’s Cybertruck project. In late last year, Tesla took delivery of 66 production line robots and implemented those machineries to build auto industry’s one of the most sophisticated vehicle.


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