Some Volkswagen EV Models Already Sold Out for 2022

Customers who are willing to purchase some of the Volkswagen’s EV models will simply have to wait until 2023 for further production slots.

Sadrettin Akpınar

March 21, 2022 10:09 PM
Last Update: March 21, 2022 10:36 PM

Volkswagen Group made clear that overwhelming demand for its electric vehicles means that several models have already sold out of their whole manufacturing run for 2022. By virtue of VW Group’s success with electric vehicles, there are long waiting periods for practically all of them, and customers who are willing to purchase some of those models will simply have to wait until 2023 for further production slots.

EV models’ success is excellent news for the automaker, even if it may bother purchasers. According to Arno Antlitz, the VW Group’s CFO, scaling up demand for battery-powered vehicles means they are getting closer to price parity with internal combustion vehicles.

“We see higher consumer demand, better scalability, and better profits,” Antlitz added.

“We originally estimated that it would take two to three years to achieve parity between ICE and battery-electric vehicles.”

Sales of electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the Volkswagen Group’s various brands increased by much more than 80% to almost 762,000 units in the previous year. The carmaker is making a big push to get more electric vehicles on the road. While the VW Group has just launched the vintage ID. Buzz.

However, the company confronts further production challenges, as all automakers experience supply limits of some sort. The difficulties generated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have harmed Volkswagen in particular.

“We certainly have a headwind with raw resources,” Antlitz added. “There may come a moment when we have to pass some of the cost hikes on to the market.”


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