Remarkable Solutions for EVs are Revealed by Bosch at the Detroit Auto Show

The company showcases industry cooperation at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab.

Sadrettin Akpınar

September 17, 2022 12:52 AM
Last Update: October 3, 2022 7:52 PM

Detroit smart mobility conceptions are being influenced by big developments like electrification and software as well as fresh methods of industrial collaboration. Bosch will exhibit many customer-supporting solutions at the 2022 North American International Auto Show. It is expected to include those for electrification, vehicle mobility, and software. Additionally, it will promote joint projects like the Detroit Smart Parking Lab.

Professional Experience of Electrification

Bosch has longstanding experience in the powertrain industry and keeps taking the lead as more electrification products hit the market. For the first time, the company’s orders for EVs and light trucks in 2021 exceeded 10 billion €. Additionally, Bosch electronic engine components are found in more than 5 million vehicles worldwide.

Bosch will display products that support electrification at NAIAS 2022. The sophisticated driving module demonstrates how to separate propulsion, steering, and braking systems into a coordinated module. As a result, the complexity of designing and building electric vehicles is decreased.

eAxle City

  • The eAxle, a crucial component of the Bosch electrification range, offers manufacturers a sustainable solution that minimizes cost and facilitates simplifying processes.
  • The electrical power, inverter, and transmission are all housed in the same system housing with the eAxle city, making it a small, lightweight, and efficient driving solution. It may be used in minor vehicle classes due to its modest size.
  • The electrical modules of the eAxle city are built using silicon carbide semiconductor technology to create a new breed of inverters that are extremely energy-efficient.

eAxle Performance

  • Owing to the utilization of modern microelectronics and a multi-objective, multi-domain development strategy, the eAxle performance, which also includes silicon carbide innovation for both 400V and 800V, makes a great breakthrough.

Advanced Driving Module

  • For easier electric vehicle development, Bosch’s EV platform integrates steering, brakes, and propulsion into a single module.

At Bosch, there is a significant investment being made to support the growth of the hydrogen economy. The business recently disclosed plans to invest $200 million to manufacture fuel cell stacks in Anderson, South Carolina. Bosch also declared that, by 2024, it will devote more than $1 billion USD to the global development of mobile fuel cell technology.

The mobile fuel cell product line from Bosch offers a fuel cell system from a single supplier. The business provides a scalable fuel cell power module made up of a fuel cell stack and submodules. It aimed for the purpose of generating energy to power commercial vehicles. Bosch furthermore provides the fuel cell stack on its own.


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