Porsche Announces A New Electrified SUV Program.

The envisioned electric SUV, which may have a 900-volt power system will be positioned.

Sadrettin Akpınar

July 21, 2022 11:30 PM
Last Update: July 21, 2022 11:30 PM

The focus on elegance and large profit ratios suggests that anything situated just above Porsche Cayenne SUV is in Porsche’s model lineup. In the same manner that the Taycan is a grand touring equal to the Panamera with a bite from the 911, Porsche’s sports car symbol, the next model might be an electric version of the Cayenne.

5% To 80% In 15 Minutes

According to reports, the Mission R electric race car that Porsche unveiled in September will be used in the production of the new vehicle, which will be made in Leipzig.

The company claims that this prototype car’s 900-volt power system could charge from 5 to 80 % within 15 minutes when used with the right charging system. Two electric motors provide the Mission R with its power: a front-axle motor with 429 horsepower and a rear-axle motor with 644 horsepower. An 80.0-kWh battery is used to generate the energy needed by the motors.

By The End Of The Decade, Electric Models Will Account For 80% Of Its Global Sales

With its next all-electric SUV, Porsche plans to take advantage of the rising demand for SUVs and EVs. Blume stated in a press statement from the company that “we are targeting the higher margin categories in particular and seek to tap into new sales prospects this way.”

Within 10 years, according to Porsche, 80% of its worldwide sales should be electric vehicles. The Macan EV has already been put off for a year. The delay is brought on by the VW Group’s software development running late.

In the upcoming years, Porsche intends to solely provide an electric version of the 718 Cayman. By the middle of the decade, Blume stated in a firm press statement from the firm, “We intend to solely offer our 718 mid-engine sports car in all-electric form.”


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