Mountain Monster | The 2023 GMC Canyon

The midsize truck’s facelift makes a concerted effort to set itself apart from the Chevy Colorado.

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May 9, 2023 1:29 PM
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The starting price of the 2023 GMC Canyon is $38,095, however, prices can rise very rapidly. Before destination, the starting price of the highest AT4X trim level is $56,995. With the exception of the base Elevation trim, all trims include 4WD as standard. Regardless of price, all Canyons come standard with a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 310 horsepower/231 kW and 430 lb-ft /582 Nm of torque, as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission.

With the 2023 Nissan Frontier, it has a tie for the greatest power in the sector. It also has the most torque in the group by at least 120 lb-ft/162 Nm. Additionally, it has a class-leading towing capability of 3,492 kg/7,700 pounds, which is only a little bit more than the 3,469 kg/7,650 pounds of the Jeep Gladiator. Here is a closer look at each trim level and the features it offers.

GMC Determined to Put Its Pennant High

GMC emphasized that, in designing the Canyon, it wasn’t just trying to make a smaller version of the Sierra. We’d say that objective was definitely attained. It accomplishes this by leveraging the front grille’s design components to draw attention to the GMC emblem and the wide-set Sierra grille with the LED daytime running lights. The Canyon has low-set headlights with high-set turn signals, in contrast to Sierra’s high-set headlights.

Both have angular wheel wells, while the Canyon has sharper body lines and more pronounced creases. Despite the engineering, packaging, and legal difficulties they provide, designers made an effort to include such angles.

The design also includes some wonderful minor details. The tailgate is topped with a stylized landscape that pays homage to Moab, Utah, and Ouray, Colorado. A little storage box is also built-in, and a ruler is carved on the rear. The Canyon now distinguishes itself from the rest of the mid-size truck sector and favorably from the Sierra, Sierra HD, and its corporate cousin, the Chevrolet Colorado.

Pros And Cons of Interior Design

The cabin, which has soft-touch materials and appealing design elements, mostly maintains that favorable upward trend. All models in the range come equipped with a gorgeous new 11.3-inch/28.7 cm infotainment screen. Additionally, it has tactile controls for things like climate control, parking sensors, and driver assistance systems. Every Canyon also receives a cluster of completely digital gauges. Upper trim levels receive an 11-inch/27.94 cm screen while lower trim levels are limited to an 8-inch/20.32 cm device. The AT4X and the Denali both come standard with a heads-up display.

On the other hand, people might feel let down by the minor nuances. The wireless charging pad that resembles camouflage and portions of the exposed stitching is indeed appealing, but they can only be used so much. It’s not truly concealed from view, but the interior has a lot of extremely evident cheap plastic. In addition, while being fresh, several of the surfaces already displayed signs of wear and tear.

On a car that may cost up to $55,000, the switchgear, such as the window controls, continues to be pretty unimpressive.


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