Mercedes-Benz Builds Its Own High-Speed EV Charging Network

Mercedes has announced that it will build a giant electric vehicle charging network consisting of 350 kW high-speed DC charging units.

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January 14, 2023 4:09 PM
Last Update: January 14, 2023 4:11 PM
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Mercedes-Benz will build a charging network with billions of euros in investment to support the electric car transformation. In a statement made as part of the CES 2023 consumer electronics trade show, there would be more than 10,000 charging stations ready to use worldwide by the year 2030.

The charging network of the German automotive giant will be full of high-speed charging equipment instead of low-capacity AC units. The units, which will support up to 350 kW speed, will be placed in thousands of stations. Charging units will be placed in thousands of stations as 4, 12, and 30 units. EQS, the company’s most advanced electric car currently, supports 200 kW DC charging speed. Mercedes will most highly switch to 800V architecture in its next models. The company is planning to increase the charging speed to 350 kW.

Electric Mercedes-Benz Drivers Can Make Reservations

Mercedes will start to set up its first charging stations in North America this year. The company plan to activate a total of 2,500 charging units at 400 stations in the region by 2027. Collaborating with ChargePoint on the supply of chargers, the company has also half-partnered with a giant energy company for more than 1 billion euros to spend on charging infrastructure in North America.

MN8 Energy, one of America’s largest solar power plant and energy storage system operators, will both provide clean energy to Mercedes’ charging network and be a partner in this huge investment.

The giant charging network will not provide brand-specific services but will be open to all electric vehicle drivers. It will also grant some privileges to Mercedes drivers. Electric Mercedes owners, who can reserve sockets for charging, will be able to quickly create reservations for suitable charging points on their route via the Mercedes Me Charging application.

Mercedes initially will install a quarter of the high-speed charging units in the USA and Canada. The next level will make the majority of the remaining units available in Europe and China. Turkey can also be among the countries that will get its share from Mercedes’ charging network.


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