Geely to Open World’s First 600 KW DC Charging Station

Geely will soon open world’s first 600 kW DC charging station in China. Chinese automaker will offer higher charging speeds with their future models.

Bilal Akgunduz

September 14, 2022 7:41 PM
Last Update: October 3, 2022 7:52 PM

Geely officially announced that the world’s first 600 kW charging stations are coming soon. Chinese company has already started manufacturing next-gen charging equipments. These stations will serve Zeekr and other EV models Geely sells in China.

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Ultra high-speed stations will be put into service under Geely Group’s e-mobility and charge tech company called VREMT. Geely stated that electric vehicles would travel up to 300 kilometers with a 5-minute charge, Geely’s second-generation DC chargers will also support “power pooling”, which enables charging pools to transfer their unused capacity to power neighboring plugged-in vehicles.

Zeekr Will be a Global EV Brand

There are more than 450 charging stations Geely and Zeekr installed in the last couple of months. Most of these stations are capable of 360 kW DC charging, which is enough to give Zeekr 001 a range of 120 kilometers in 5 minutes. The next-gen chargers will be a lot more competitive than the first stations.

China’s largest privately-owned automaker is also getting ready to sell fully-electric vehicles outside of China by launching the Zeekr brand to European customers. EV-only brand is doing really well in mainland China, as the brand’s first vehicle Zeekr 001 passed 40,000 sales last month after its launch in October 2021.

Zeekr will start its European expansion with a showroom in early 2023. Chinese brand will adopt the online-reservation policy in Europe, just like Geely’s soon-to-be online-only brand Volvo. Zeekr has plans to launch seven electric vehicles into the market. Geely expects Zeekr to sell more than 100,000 EVs in Europe by 2025.


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