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Electric vehicles date back to early 19th century, but some drivers still get confused how do these cars work…

Bilal Akgunduz

July 4, 2023 12:08 PM
Last Update: July 6, 2023 3:43 PM

Electric vehicles date back to the early 19th century, but some drivers still get confused about how these cars work. Teslas, for instance, are often seen at a gas station with a clueless driver trying to figure out how to put gas in his/her Tesla…

Do Teslas use gas, then? No, they definitely do not. A Tesla vehicle, like any other all-electric car, doesn’t rely on gas as an energy source. Instead, Teslas need to be recharged. For those who got confused last time, please know that Tesla vehicles don’t use gas or any other fossil fuel to be refilled. Next time you get a low-range warning, go to the nearest charging station and recharge your Tesla’s battery with ‘electricity’.

Can You Put Gas in A Tesla?

Nope, that’s not possible either. You cannot put gas in a Tesla ‘electric vehicle’, because these cars don’t have any fuel tank or a gas pump system. There is no engine inside a Tesla to be powered by gas.

Even though Tesla had considered building gas-powered plug-in hybrid vehicles at some point in the past, all Tesla cars are built with a pure electric drivetrain. There is no engine, neither gas, nor any moving parts that belong to a gas-guzzling power unit. Instead, a Tesla comes equipped with an AC electric motor and a huge battery pack that contains thousands of cylindrical/prismatic lithium-ion cells.

Can you accidentally put gas in a Tesla? It’s not completely out of the question. We have been witnessing some drivers opening the frunk and then trying to fill up the windshield fluid cap with gas. You better be careful!!!

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