480 kW Ultra Fast Charging Stations Are Coming From XPENG

XPENG is getting ready to install its first 480 kW DC charging stations. Xpeng’s latest EV will support up to 440 kW charging speeds at these locations.

Bilal Akgunduz

August 15, 2022 8:18 PM
Last Update: August 15, 2022 8:19 PM

Chinese EV maker XPENG unveiled its latest electric vehicle called Xpeng G9 last week. It was first announced in 2021, as a mid-large SUV designed to rival NIO’s highly popular offerings. Interestingly, Xpeng stated that G9 can travel up to 210 kilometers with a 5-minutes charging session. Today, Chinese company’s CEO explained this phenomenon to Chinese media.

As it turns out, Xpeng is planning to release its new S4 charging stations and launch Xpeng G9 simultaneously. These stations, which have been teased for months, support 480 kW DC charging rates. Customers who purchase a G9 will be able to visit any of these S4 stations and charge their vehicles at tremendous speeds.

Xpeng released a video showcasing the ultra-fast charging tech. You can clearly see that the vehicle, which has 55 km of range left, charged up to 265 km of range in a mere five minutes. Take a look at yourself:

Xpeng G9 Becomes The Fastest Charging EV on Market

The video we just watched is enough to give the title of fastest charging EV to Xpeng G9. As shown in the video, Xpeng’s latest charger delivered energy at a rate of between 150 to 440 kW. That is really exciting. Because higher charging speeds will shorten the time EV drivers spend at the stations and definitely ease up lines of EVs piled up behind chargers during peak times.

Xpeng G9 features a 98-kWh battery pack, a dual motor powertrain that produces 551 HP and 717 Nm torque, and a range of 650 kilometers, according to generous CLTC test cycle. Deliveries will start this October in China. G9’s international launch is due in Q1 2023.


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