2025 Will Be A Year Of Jaguar With 3 New E-SUV Models

According to a recent source, three ultra-luxury SUVs will be at the forefront of Jaguar’s aspirations to really go electric and ascend the upscale market in 2025.

Sadrettin Akpınar

July 5, 2022 10:40 PM
Last Update: July 5, 2022 10:40 PM

Thierry Bolloré, the newly appointed head of Jaguar Land Rover. He has declared that starting in 2025, Jaguar will only produce electric vehicles.

Bolloré stated that JLR would leave the production of SUVs to the Land Rover brand starting in 2025. And that Jaguar would solely produce all-electric vehicles after that point.

It has been announced that Jaguar will utilize a distinct platform design, having left Land Rover to use the upcoming MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) platform for reconfigurable electronically controlled gasoline-powered vehicles and the EMA (Electric Modular Architecture).

This implies that the MLA platform-based upcoming Jaguar XJ saloon, which was supposed to debut in the year and go on the market in 2022, has already been dropped from the market. Bolloré declared, “XJ doesn’t really match with our prior to the transition.” “It was a difficult decision, even though it was a big decision,”

According to Bolloré, “We want the best of the best for the Jaguar platform. The determination with an all system would reflect on the design concept for the automobiles.

“We completely unrestricted the designers to create the most striking looks. Significant importance is placed on proportion, which will determine the platform.

Seemingly Small EV Jaguar

When Bolloré joined Jaguar Land Rover, one of the ideas on the board was to create a new, tiny electric Jaguar SUV. The aim is to compete with the latest Polestar 2 and Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y.

A compact Jaguar would indeed be fantastic; we really have to think about it though, said JLR’s director of engineering, Nick Rogers. The idea for compact, electrical Jaguars has already received backing from the top management.

Future Jaguars will undoubtedly pay homage to the past while still focusing on the future. “Jaguar automobiles of the earlier were of their time; they weren’t staring back, they were moving forward.


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