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Fully Electric Volvo EX30 Small SUV

The entry-level SUV from Volvo resembles the EX90 flagship in terms of size, sportiness, and body type.

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BMW Evs Could Become A Better Experience With Programmable Performance Traits

Drivers may even make the automobile mimic the characteristics of a gas-powered vehicle by customizing the throttle response and behavior when accelerating.

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The New Pure Electric Power Roadster | MG Cyberster

More than 5,000 Chinese citizens paid the equivalent of $155 in 2021 to reserve a Cyberster.

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Dual-Port Charging System From Ford

A single charger can support several ev connections thanks to Ford’s improved charging system

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ZF Heated Seat Belts to Increase Range in Electric Vehicles

ZF’s new seat belt minimizes the energy consumed by electric vehicles to heat the cabin on cold days. In this way, the range is expected to be up to 15% longer.

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Q3 Revenue of Leapmotor Rises Nearly %400 YoY

Chinese EV startup Leapmotor, who became one of the major players in the Chinese EV market at short notice, published a financial report on November 14. According to the repor...

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12 Largest EV Battery Manufacturers in the World

The increasing use of EVs has boosted interest in the battery sector since the battery is the most costly component of EVs. In this article, we have compiled a list of “...

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Chinese EV maker Leapmotor seeks $1bn in Hong Kong IPO

Dahua Technologies-backed Chinese EV maker Leapmotor is set to raise as much as $1 billion in Hong Kong IPO next week.

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Tesla Can Cut $5,500 Off Model Y Battery Costs, Thanks to ‘Dry-Coating Process’

Dry-coating technology will help Tesla halve the cost of Model Y’s battery pack, saving almost $5,500 per vehicle

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Lithium-ion Battery Cell Types, LFP, NMC Cells Explained

There are different kinds of lithium-ion battery cells used inside electric vehicle batteries. We summarized important details about LFP, NMC cathodes, and different cell shap...

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39 Chinese Electric Car Brands | Top Chinese EV Manufacturers

Among the best Chinese electric car brands are companies such as XPENG, NIO, Leapmotor, BYD, Volvo, Skywell…

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