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Amazon to Make Deliveries with over a 1,000 Rivian Electric Vans

Amazon has delivered over 5 million packages with over 1,000 Rivian’s electric delivery vans since the July of this year.

Gökhan Göl

5 ay önce

Model.X Delivery Vans From Indian EVage

EVage is a pioneering all-electric commercial vehicle OEM, providing EV trucks to main delivery fleets like Amazon India’s Delivery Service Partner. It will release its ...

Sadrettin Akpınar

10 ay önce

USPS doubled the EVs in its Future Fleet

Even though the agency has doubled the number of BEVs in its future NGDV fleet, they admitted that more BEVs would deliver greater emission benefits.

Gökhan Göl

bir yıl önce

USPS plan to electrify its fleet with initial 5000 EVs

Almost a year ago, USPS declared that the new vans from Oshkosh would initiate the most important modernization of its fleets in thirty years.

Gökhan Göl

bir yıl önce

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