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Chinese Coming to Electric Vehicle Investment in Turkey: Great Wall Motor

Great Wall Motor continues to manufacture cars with internal combustion engines for the SUV brand HAVAL, which broke sales records in China, but it hasn’t made as much p...

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Chinese Battery Maker to Invest $6.3bn in Morocco

Morocco, which has vehicle factories of BYD, Renault, Peugeot-Citroen and Fiat, has managed to attract another giant investment with the aim of becoming an international autom...

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China-based BYD Planning to Build up to Two EV Factories in Europe

BYD is planning to open its first EV manufacturing facility in Europe. In an interview with the Bloomberg, Li Ke, Executive Vice President of BYD, verified it.

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BYD Plans To Construct a 20 GWH Battery Plant in Wenzhou

BYD already has roughly 20 plants in China where it manufactured batteries. Experts forecast that BYD will have a capacity of 285 GWh by the end of this year.

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12 Largest EV Battery Manufacturers in the World

The increasing use of EVs has boosted interest in the battery sector since the battery is the most costly component of EVs. In this article, we have compiled a list of “...

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Which Chinese EV Brands Are Coming To United States and Europe?

In this article, we put together a list of Chinese EV brands that publicly announced their plans to enter US and European markets.

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Lithium-ion Battery Cell Types, LFP, NMC Cells Explained

There are different kinds of lithium-ion battery cells used inside electric vehicle batteries. We summarized important details about LFP, NMC cathodes, and different cell shap...

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Maersk & Einride Partner to Introduce Class 8 Electric Trucks to the US

Maersk has partnered with the Swedish startup Einride and added 300 electric trucks to its distribution fleet.

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